Friday, October 10, 2014

Watch Destiny's Six-Player Vault of Glass Raid Beaten by Two People

I guess this means you don't worry about needing to gather up a full group anymore.

When it was first made available shortly after Destiny's launch, simply completing the Vault of Glass raidwas an accomplishment. Since then, players have gone from completing it in 11 hours to just 37 minutes, and now the bar has been raised once again.
The video above (via Kotaku) features players sc Furball and sc Slayerage completing the Vault of Glass by themselves. Yes, what was intended as a six-player group activity has now been conquered by just two level-30 players, and in only about an hour's time.
Now, there is of course the caveat that they played through the raid on Normal difficulty (which requires that players be at least level 26). In other words, it's not as if they two-manned the game's most difficult possible content, as a level-30 difficulty option is also available. Nevertheless, this is an extremely impressive accomplishment, as anyone who has tried the raid can attest.
If you're not quite as skilled but don't have a group of six friends to partake in the raid with, good news: Bungie is considering introducing matchmaking for raids.