Friday, October 10, 2014

PS4 Games Coming to Mobile With Xperia Z3

Remote Play function coming to Xperia Z3; Flagship mobile gets release date.

Sony is preparing to release the Xperia Z3, its next Flagship phone, across North America on October 23.
The Z3 is the latest Sony device that will feature Remote Play, which allows people to play their PlayStation 4 via high-speed internet. The feature is also available on the PS Vita as well as the upcoming microconsole PlayStation TV.
For PS4 access on Z3, users will typically need to have their phone and PS4 connected to the same home network. However, some PS Vita owners have demonstrated that Remote Play can work at distance if the Internet signal is strong enough.
To allow PS4 games to function on Z3 via Remote Play, Sony is also releasing an aftermarket accessory called the Game Control Mount, which attaches the phone to a DualShock 4 controller.
Sony's Z3 has been generally well received by critics. GameSpot sister publication CNET said the Z3 Compact's "improved design, vast amounts of power, decent battery life, and waterproof body help it maintain its position as one of the best mini flagships around."