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Hello Bros! This video is all about Project Cars (upcoming game). This really makes you feel the ultimate driver experience. Please do share this video and thumbs up if you like it.
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How's it going BROs? 30 mins to go for an EPIC VIDEO "BORDERLANDS THE PRE-SEQUEL w/ LIVE KID'S COMMENTARY" Hope you will have fun watching it! :D SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL :
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Watch Destiny's Six-Player Vault of Glass Raid Beaten by Two People

I guess this means you don't worry about needing to gather up a full group anymore.

When it was first made available shortly after Destiny's launch, simply completing the Vault of Glass raidwas an accomplishment. Since then, players have gone from completing it in 11 hours to just 37 minutes, and now the bar has been raised once again.
The video above (via Kotaku) features players sc Furball and sc Slayerage completing the Vault of Glass by themselves. Yes, what was intended as a six-player group activity has now been conquered by just two level-30 players, and in only about an hour's time.
Now, there is of course the caveat that they played through the raid on Normal difficulty (which requires that players be at least level 26). In other words, it's not as if they two-manned the game's most difficult possible content, as a level-30 difficulty option is also available. Nevertheless, this is an extremely impressive accomplishment, as anyone who has tried the raid can attest.
If you're not quite as skilled but don't have a group of six friends to partake in the raid with, good news: Bungie is considering introducing matchmaking for raids.

The Long Dark Early Access Review

I'll just lie down in the snow and close my eyes.

GameSpot's early access reviews evaluate unfinished games that are nonetheless available for purchase by the public. While the games in question are not considered finished by their creators, you may still devote money, time, and bandwidth for the privilege of playing them before they are complete. The review below critiques a work in progress, and represents a snapshot of the game at the time of the review's publication.
If Gary Paulsen’s The Hatchet were a videogame, and not a coming-of-age novel, I doubt the eponymous axe would have survived the first hour. A couple swings into the process of building a makeshift shelter, and the young hero would’ve found himself stirred by a sudden and terrible acuity: “Hatchet durability at 27% percent. Hatchet is in danger of breaking.” Sorry Brian: I guess your mom should have splurged for the Hatchet +1. Good luck with the wolves.
Planned obsolescence bothers me enough when I’m buying cell phones, so I’m not much pleased when it rears its head right as I’m in the middle of fending off virtual zombies or slaying dragons. You’d think of all the videogame scenarios, a survival adventure would be the worst possible venue for tools that break after a couple minutes of use towards their expressed purpose. And yet here I am, wandering the chilly wilderness of The Long Dark with socks that last a couple days and six backup can openers.
The Long Dark dubs the singular mode currently on the menu its sandbox, which is a pretty playful-sounding name for what turns out to be “wandering a godforsaken forest until you eventually expire of cold or hunger.” There’s a bit of perfunctory exposition describing you as the sole survivor of a plane crash, and then you’re unceremoniously dumped into a random part of the game’s single map and encouraged to find what shelter and sustenance you can. But there’s no search crew coming to find you, and no civilization to reach--you’re to ultimately succumb to the elements, one way or another. A few found tools and some looted granola bars can stave off the cold creep of death, if only for a spell.
"But there’s no search crew coming to find you, and no civilization to reach--you’re to ultimately succumb to the elements, one way or another."
Surviving The Long Dark is pretty formulaic, really: find an area of previous human habitation, ransack its cabinets for additional clothing and foodstuffs, make a fire, sleep a time, and then set off in search of the next building. A found rifle can allow for some rudimentary hunting if you happen to stumble upon it, and a hatchet will let you allot time and energy to the chopping of firewood. But any activity, from building a fire to sleeping consumes precious calories and resources, and keeping those counts above the red is an ever-present concern.
Paulsen’s protagonist survived for some fifty days in remote Canadian wilds before being rescued. By way of contrast, The Long Dark reports that I first clocked out of the mortal coil after four days. But the passage of days loses its evocative power when you speed up its rate, as The Long Dark does, or when the player can set a timer for sleep and be walking again in seconds. So it’s the items that end up becoming the more tangible measure of time’s passing--the appetite-curbing power of the food, or the durability of the familiar tools. And it’s there where The Long Dark takes some curious liberties, because intuitively, we know that you shouldn’t have to eat a dozen energy bars and a pound of venison to sustain yourself day-to-day. We know a crowbar doesn’t lose half its integrity after being used to pry open a couple lockers. When I play The Long Dark I don’t feel like a survivalist, stretching my resources; I feel like an insatiable force that roves through the environment, picking it clean. Everything’s too fleeting, when the demands of the situation should encourage just the opposite: an intimate connection to belongings that have taken on heightened significance. Tom Hanks cried when he lost his volleyball in Castaway, after all.

Ubisoft: We Would Not Limit A Game's Resolution

Apology issued after "misspeaking" that Assassin's Creed Untiy's resolution was unified "to avoid debates".

Publisher Ubisoft is looking to draw a line under the controversy that was triggered because one of its developers said Assassin's Creed Unity's resolution was made equal across consoles "to avoid debates".
Writing on the official Ubisoft blog, spokesperson Gary Steinman said "let’s be clear up front: Ubisoft does not constrain its games. We would not limit a game’s resolution. And we would never do anything to intentionally diminish anything we’ve produced or developed."

The next-gen game is locked at a 900p resolution across PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which Vincent Pontbriand, a senior producer at Ubisoft Montreal, explained was because the dev team "decided to lock them [the game] at the same specs to avoid all the debates and stuff".

Ubisoft moved quick to deny this in a statement released to the media, before it issued another note suggesting the game's specs were not final.

The publisher has not explained how a senior producer misspoke about "avoiding debates", but nevertheless Pontbriand has apologised for what he now deems as an inaccurate statement.

“I simply chose the wrong words when talking about the game’s resolution, and for that I’m sorry.”
He added: “We’ve spent four years building the best game we could imagine. Why would we ever do anything to hold it back?”

The Ubisoft blog, which you can read here, goes on to detail why the development team did not prioritise resolution and frame-rate.

PS4 Games Coming to Mobile With Xperia Z3

Remote Play function coming to Xperia Z3; Flagship mobile gets release date.

Sony is preparing to release the Xperia Z3, its next Flagship phone, across North America on October 23.
The Z3 is the latest Sony device that will feature Remote Play, which allows people to play their PlayStation 4 via high-speed internet. The feature is also available on the PS Vita as well as the upcoming microconsole PlayStation TV.
For PS4 access on Z3, users will typically need to have their phone and PS4 connected to the same home network. However, some PS Vita owners have demonstrated that Remote Play can work at distance if the Internet signal is strong enough.
To allow PS4 games to function on Z3 via Remote Play, Sony is also releasing an aftermarket accessory called the Game Control Mount, which attaches the phone to a DualShock 4 controller.
Sony's Z3 has been generally well received by critics. GameSpot sister publication CNET said the Z3 Compact's "improved design, vast amounts of power, decent battery life, and waterproof body help it maintain its position as one of the best mini flagships around."

PES 2015 PC Specs Revealed -- Can You Run It?

Check out the list of minimum and recommended PC specs for upcoming professional soccer game here.

Publisher Konami has published the minimum and recommended PC system specifications for November'sPro Evolution Soccer 2015. You can see the both lists in the image above, which Konami shared on Twitter.
PES 2015 launches November 11 for PCXbox 360Xbox OnePlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. The FIFArival features World Cup hero Mario Gotze on its cover.
In September, Konami revealed that the PS4 version of PES 2015 will run in 1080p, while the Xbox One version comes in at 720p. 

Following Xbox, PlayStation Gets One Step Closer to Launching In China

Following Sony's initial announcement back in May that it planned to launch PlayStation systems in China, the electronics giant is now one step closer to making that a reality.
According to a government filing this week (via The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg), a Sony-affiliated factory in Shanghai's new free-trade zone plans to start packaging PlayStation consoles starting in December. The facility is reportedly capable of handling 200,000 units per year.
A spokesperson for Sony confirmed that the 200,000 figure "doesn't represent an actual business plan." The representative added that this figure could sway in response to other factors such as the number of games Sony can sell in China.
Unfortunately, the filing that was made public this week did not specify which PlayStation console would be shipped in China. Late last month, Microsoft launched the Xbox One in China, with first-week sales coming in at 100,000 units. Nintendo has not yet announced plans to bring its gaming devices to China.
Consoles were banned in China in 2000, with government officials citing the detrimental effect they could have on the physical and psychological development of children. This ban was lifted in September 2013, and the Xbox One was the first console to launch in the market following the news.
Though China is a potentially lucrative market for gaming, it remains to be seen how successful consoles like the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 will be in the country. One major potential stumbling block is China's censorship rules for games, which could be why titles like Call of Duty: Ghosts and Titanfall are not available for sale in China.

Xbox One Exclusive No Longer, Ryse Comes to PC Today

Xbox One launch title Ryse: Son of Rome is no longer exclusive to that console, as the PC version of Crytek's action game was released today through various download stores, including Steam andGameStop. You can buy it today for $39.
We've already hear about the multitude of graphics options Ryse players on PC will have access to, and Crytek did not hold back today in heralding the game's launch for computers.
"Ryse for PC takes full advantage of the platform's power and offers players the chance to experience the Roman Empire like never before with dazzling 4K resolution support," the studio said in a statement.
In Ryse, you play as Marius Titus as you work your way through the Empire seeking to avenge your slain family. In addition to a single-player mode, Ryse for PC features cooperative online play that lets you adventure alongside fellow gladiators.
Ryse for PC includes all four DLC packs released for Xbox One, as well as new characters skins. In addition, the PC version of Ryse does not have microtransactions like the Xbox One version. A PC launch trailer for Ryse is available to watch above.
Microsoft published Ryse for Xbox One, but Crytek is publishing the PC version. Meanwhile, a disc-based physical PC version of Ryse will be available at retailers through a partnership with Saints Row and Dead Island publisher Deep Silver.

Football Manager 2015 gets a release date

November 7 2014 is the release date for the next iteration of Sports Interactive's sprawling simulation of the economic machinery that surrounds the sport of football. As always, you take charge of a club, refine the team, dictate strategy and navigate the strange and beautiful football phenomenon known as the transfer window.
FM2015 boasts a new interface, a new match engine supported by mo-capped players, and a series of features designed to attach more personality to that complex wall of statistics. You can define your presence on the training ground to be a "tracksuit" manager, or a stand-offish organisational sort, and deal directly with players more often. That means "group unhappiness meetings" that can precede a dressing room revolt.
To be honest, I dare not dip into the moreish world of FM, especially after reading Iain Macintosh' diary documenting a typical descent into Football Manager madness. Here's a comprehensive video from SI documenting the changes coming to this year's edition. It's... daunting.


Hello Guys! It's bleuper Again! :D Today we will be trolling with guards in the game Styx:Master Of Shadows. Hope you have fun while watching it. :D
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The Legend Dies In FIFA 15 (Must Watch)

Hello Peeps! It's Bleuper Again! As the title says "The Legend Dies In Fifa15" a legend really dies in fifa 15 :'( He will always be remembered by us. Anyways I'm really sorry about the quality guys. This video is a combination of shots done by a fifa community. :) Aaand do LIKE|SUBSCRIBE|SHARE for more.
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Sherlock Holmes - Crimes And Punishments _HD Game Review

Hello peeps! We are here again with a new video! This time it is "Sherlock Holmes - Crimes And Punishments" the game which is newly released. Well, the graphics of this game is really good. And the gameplay was also too much good. If you are a fan of detective games. I will recommend you to give it a shot. Anyways two parts of the videos are black . Those contains key scenes about this game. Don't worry, we will be back with our second video on this game and take it further. We will have a few more parts about it. Our Next Game Is GOING TO BE "The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter". Till then LIKE | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE for more.
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CS:S Bots Troll!

Hello! It's bleuper! And this time we came up with A TROLL Video with A.I [Bots]. Hope you will have fun watching this video! Next up we will have a review about a different Game!
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Fifa 15 GamePlay! (Lets-Play)

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The Crew _ HD Beta Gameplay Review!

First Game Review By Us! Today we will be playing The Crew! This is truly the next-gen of racing! This is going to give a tough competition to the famous NFS Series by EA. People's reviews about the games have already started dominating NFS!
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Gun Monkeys : Is It a Fail? xD

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